Mrs. Gogolin's Class Website


Have you ever asked your child about his/her day only to get the standard responses "I forget" or "Nothing"? 

This website and our Twitter account will help keep you updated and informed of classroom happenings.  

Curriculum news, schedule changes, reminders, etc. will be posted on Twitter so please join/follow us as we travel this year of learning together. Student photos will pop up randomly in this feed so keep an eye out for your child. **posted photos will only be of the students with signed and returned media permission forms.

Here is a copy of the grade 1 fairy tale diorama project note. Students will receive visual arts and oral marks. Project sheet and materials are due Feb. 26.
Diorama note for web.pdf Diorama note for web.pdf
Size : 30.727 Kb
Type : pdf
Here is a copy of the grade 2 fairy tale storyboard project information and worksheet. Students will receive writing, oral and visual arts marks. Project worksheet is due Feb. 26.

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